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Possibility of data recovery using Quick Recovery is medium if;

•  A large deleted file is to be recovered

•  Disk has been formatted but nothing is overwritten

•  Messages like sector not found, data error reading disk, file allocation table bad are shown by the system.

Possibilities of data recovery using Quick Recovery are low if;

•  The user has taken some action after the data loss occurred.

•  O/s is installed or restored backup after accidentally formatting the disk or accidentally deleting data.

•  Running system repairing tools to repair the operating system corruption, recreating partitions making a FAT 16 hard disk FAT 32 or NTFS etc.

•  Lot of bad sectors are present on the location of data

The Tools required for doing data recovery.

•  Bootable Floppy/CD: Bootable floppy must be having himem.sys & emm386.exe (with entryconfig.sys).

•  Quick Recovery CD/

•  Jumpers for the Hard Disk

•  Laptop Hard Disk to PC Converter.

•  Spare Hard Disk.

•  CD/DVD-Writer & blank CDs.

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