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Information needed before diagnosis.

•  How the data loss/ crash occurred?

•  How many partitions were present on the disk?

•  On which partition was the data present?

•  Name of the folders having data, and software that was being used.

•  What action was taken after the crash /data loss occurred?

Diagnosing a logical crash.

Connect the HDD as a secondary on your diagnosis PC. From your PC run Quick Recovery for the appropriate operating system of the crashed disk.

First choose Quick Mode. It will show data. If not, then run advance mode.

If HDD is detecting but is slow in response then boot the computer using QR floppy. Run the analyzer from the Quick recovery disk. If it displays all the partitions and shows files and folders under them, then select one folder at a time, or at worst one file at a time.

100% data recovery is possible if;

•  Errors like Invalid partition table, Invalid media type error, invalid drive specification, general failure reading drive etc are displayed.

•  Files are accidentally deleted.

•  Disk has been formatted.

Chernobyl ( April 26 virus attack ). Crash due to any boot/partition corruption.
Linux Recovery

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