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Data Recovery Service Methodology:

Receiving the Disk/ Media

•  Get the form filled by the customer

•  Consult with the customer regarding the problem/data required etc

•  Check if the HDD/Media is already examined or opened


•  Connect the HDD on the PC and check if it is getting detected

•  If not detected report it to the customer immediately

•  If logical then run Quick Recovery and analyze it


•  Give the quotation along with terms and conditions

•  Also mention the time required and approximate percentage of recovery.

•  Tell the user to bring a hard disk for transferring data if data is more than the capacity of one dvd or 2-3 cd's.

•  Always take an advance for physical recovery cases.

•  Never assure 100% recovery. It may be 100%, but user has to pay only is he is satisfied after data verification.

•  If user wants only a few folders, then also charges are not reduced. Charges are for time and expertise of recovery and not number of files or their importance etc.

•  Always take work order before starting the recovery process.

•  Always take payment against data delivery.

•  Always take a signature of data recovery satisfaction receipt.


•  You will have to send the physical recovery cases to Unistal Delhi.

•  Always send the HDD to Unistal, along with DD of advance amount and warranty status along with properly filled form. Do not send a physical disk recovery to Unistal without such approvals because recovery process starts as soon as Unistal receives the disk. Time Unistal requires for such cases in 2-3 days. It could be more for critical cases or non-availability of parts.

•  Logical cases must be done by the Center. Only special cases where experience is required need be sent to Unistal.

•  Charges for logical cases is solely the discretion of the Center. However it is recommended that lowest price of Rs.2500/- is not reduced.

•  Always recover data in your HDD first. Never copy the recovered data back to the users crashed disk, even if it is in good condition.

•  Deliver the data on CD's ( 2-3 ) or DVD ( one ). If data is more voluminous then request user to bring his own HDD. This is because the time required to create so many cd's is sometimes more than that of actual recovery!!

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